Swimming with the Fish

19/01/2008 13:41

When you hang exclusively with the people Jesus misses you expose yourself to some things you otherwise wouldn't be exposed too. And without accountability one can easily fall to temptation. This is the cost of swimming with the fish. 

But here's the key. A Christian's primary task isn't to avoid sin, which is impossible anyway, but to recognize sin. Yet there is an enormous amount of self-deception in sin. When this is combined with devil-deception, the task of recognition is compounded. 

Later today I will meet with a Christian friend and talk specifically about my sin. I'm opening myself up to confession and accountability, which I should have done at the beginning of this journey. But I will not allow my Adversary to short-circuit my swim with the fish. 

There's nothing glamorous about sin. It is diminishing, dehumanizing, and soon dull. My sin is not interesting; it's God's work that is interesting. As awful as my sin has been in the past and is today it is nevertheless, widely outdone by God's grace; minuscule compared to God's salvation from it. 

This morning I'll make a phone call.  Later today, I'll talk with a trusted believer about my sin condition and then it's over. The less said the better.