Think Revolution Not Evolution

19/01/2008 16:18

It's not about growing a church through ideas, programs and reformed structures. What the church needs is a revolutionary new approach. We maintain what we want. We have little trouble maintaining the things we've maintained through the years; worship teams practice week in and the week out in preparation for Sunday morning. We are steadfast and disciplined when we prepare material to teach. The ability to maintain is something we humans do rather well--especially when our level of interest is allured and captivated. Revolution means blowing up the old for the new and maintaining what is birthed in the shake out.

Difficult stuff? Beginnings always are.

If the church is to grow again it will be because it re-defined its understanding of missional. Missional is not an extension of the church carried out through programs and ideas to maintain. It is The Way. It is the Core.

For the church institution this is a massive paradigm shift from the standard ministry focus.