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19/01/2008 22:02

Religion vs. Spirituality

                             The moral and ethical values Christianity gave the world are beyond measure.    *It preserved civilization through...


19/01/2008 21:51

A Parable : Truth

A man born blind man asks a philosopher to describe the color green. "The color green is like soothing and soft music," he said. Later that day another blind man asks the philosopher, "What is the color green?" "It's like soft satin, smooth to the touch." A few days later the philosopher...


19/01/2008 18:00

The God We Build

Sustained crisis always takes its toll. Until now I have been completely unaware of the effect of repeated assaults on my well-being. There's a numbing effect that in many ways holds me together and protects me as I deal with a crisis. But I am afraid that this numbness has spilled over into other...


19/01/2008 16:18

Think Revolution Not Evolution

It's not about growing a church through ideas, programs and reformed structures. What the church needs is a revolutionary new approach. We maintain what we want. We have little trouble maintaining the things we've maintained through the years; worship teams practice week in and the week...


19/01/2008 13:41

Swimming with the Fish

When you hang exclusively with the people Jesus misses you expose yourself to some things you otherwise wouldn't be exposed too. And without accountability one can easily fall to temptation. This is the cost of swimming with the fish.  But here's the key. A Christian's primary task isn't to...